Selection of camera angles

We create a model, add basic pieces of furniture in accordance with the specification. Then we provide the client with a choice of camera angle in the form of screenshots or clay renders

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Preview in color 1

After choosing an angle, we make a colored render that includes more detailed geometry. At this stage, we provide the client with the most complete picture. Lighting, decor and other details in accordance with the specification


Preview in color 2

After receiving Feedback 1 for Preview 1, we make changes according to client comments


Final render

After receiving Feedback 2 for Preview 2, we make the last changes and provide the final render in a resolution of 4000 px or more, if requested


We can start working with a minimum amount of materials if this helps speed up the process. But in order for the client to bе completely satisfied with the result, we have prepared a list of what we need to work. Detailed technical task allow us to avoid misunderstanding оn both sides.

— drawings (any format is suitable for us, but it is most preferable to have DWG, we would also appreciate a copy in PDF or JPG)
— 3d model (the presence of a 3D model will help us avoid unnecessary questions, but it is not crucial)
— angles (we need to see the required angle on the drawings on each picture that we need to show on the render)
— general information (quantity, size and orientation of the final images, building location on the map, is a project under NDA or not, etc.)
— timeline (date of project start and date of the final deadline)
— references (style of the lighting, style of interior, color scheme, materials and objects on visualization)
— photos (photos of the object and its surroundings will help us a lot)
— activity (information about should we add any people and which scenario needs to be depicted on the render)

Yes, we can make minor changes after the final stage. But if you want to change the camera angle or change the design, this is discussed individually.

The price of each project is discussed individually. We are always ready to seek a compromise, because for us the main thing is to enjoy the work and make sure that the client is satisfied with the result.

Modeling is included in the price, but the production of a group of individual furniture models, complex structures, or buildings with a classic facade is discussed individually.

Meeting deadlines is very important to us. You can be sure that we will fulfill all the agreements.

In addition to creating exterior and interior renders, we can create a product render, 360° VR, animation, cinemagraph.