London Office

MirrorR Studio led by JORG
This architecturally notable brutalist building designed by the Richard Seifert architectural firm in 1964. Space House is a 255,000 sq ft brutalist masterpiece restored into a state-of-the-art smart building with unsurpassed amenities and designed to BREEAM Outstanding and Fitwel certification. Space House sets the standard for the future of the workplace. The Tower provides 168,000 sq ft of offices over 17 stories with unobstructed 360-degree views from the top 10 floors including a spectacular rooftop terrace. Each 10,300 sq ft floor is column-free spanning 9.5m to the façade resulting in superior natural light. Sympathetically designed, bespoke energy-efficient chilled beams fit seamlessly into the unique existing radial ceiling coffers.
About project:
Location:       The UK, London
Team:             3 CG artists
Cost:               70 000 USD
Year:               2019-2021
Stages:           11  
107 images (interios, exteriors, close-ups)
42 second aerial footage
7 panoramas (360 ° VR)
130 second animation
Requested image resolution:4-6k 
Start Information:
1. drawings in PDF & JPG format
2. sketches
3. 3d model in FBX format
4. angles (the presence of camera angles in the drawings)
5. general information (quantity, size, and orientation of the final images, building location on the map)
6. timeline (date of project start and date of the final deadline)
7. references (style of the lighting, style of interior, color scheme, materials, and objects on visualization)
8. photos (photos of the object and its surroundings)
9. activity (information about should we add any people and which scenario needs to be depicted on the render)
1. Selection of camera angles in color
2. First Preview
3. Second Preview
4. Final images in the required resolution
The main task was to show the details of the structural base, showing the architect’s attention to detail. Focusing on artistic feel, showcasing of architectural thought.
The only difficulty that we had while working on this project was the tight deadlines.



Request was for 1 image of the exterior of the main entrance. In the course of work, the number of images increased. It was necessary to show the main entrance of the Space House Tower from different angles.
Completion time: 20 days
Number of images: 5
This was the beginning of our collaboration with JORG. The client was satisfied with the work done. We have built a trusting and close business relationship, to this day we work closely with JORG.
«It was truly a pleasure working with you. In this project, we have learned some more about our business and we will continue to make improvements so that we are better prepared to handle what may come in the future. I look forward to a long term working relationship with MirrorR. You have fantastic talents and there are many interesting projects in our pipeline that I’d like nothing more than to collaborate with you on. I see you and your team as a partner of ours.»


Request was for another entrance to the Space House Kingsway building, an interior image of the Space House Tower and close-ups.
Completion time: 7 days
Number of images: 6


Request for exterior images of the entrance to Kingsway and an interior image of the ground floor. In the process of work, the number of interior images increased, as we offered additional angles.
Completion time: 14 days
Number of images: 6


At this stage, there was a series of adjustments to the exterior images, as the terms of reference and drawings changed.
Completion time: 54 days
Patch requests: 6
Number of images: 17


Request for a new image of the reception of the Space House, images for the Kingsway building, and images for the Space House Tower.
Completion time: 6 days
Number of images: 9


Request for new interior images and one Tower image update.
Completion time: 8 days
Number of images: 16
– Reception
– Lobby Lift
– Typical office floor
– Event space (Netflix presentation mode – 2 images)
– Event space (London fashion week mode)
– Club house
– Kingsway GF Reception
– Kingsway Typical office floor
– Typical office floor from lift lobby arrival
– Typical lift corridor (4 images)
– Tower WC lobby
– 2nd Kingsway Image


Request for new interior images and for update 4 images in the Space House Tower.
Completion time: 9 days
Number of images: 10


Request for the production of new images of the interior of the Filling Station.
Completion time: 7 days
Number of images: 2


Request for the new image of Tower Roof Terrace.
Completion time: 6 days
Number of images: 1


Request for new angles and changes in the previous images.
Completion time: 22 days
Number of images: 16


At this stage, a long two-phase work was done on image updates, new images, animation, intro for the website, and 360° VR.
34 images
130-second animation
7 panoramas (360° VR)
42-second aerial footage
Completion time: 83 days
PHASE I – New Theme (Imaginative, Surreal, Optimistic)
Animation – 60 seconds:
– Roof Terrace, Double Height Space X 2, Lobby Exterior Facade
– Background motion, Clouds, Cast-shadows, People moving out of frame
– Glasses on Table, Empty Corridor, Light on Wall, Curtains
– Background motion, Clouds, Cast-shadows, People moving out of frame
– Home Page Graphic – Material Evolution
– 8 new cameras – with people to come (superimposed by retoucher)
– 7 Imaginatively enhanced to appear surreal in atmosphere
– 15 previous images given warm morning light treatment
– 2 new cameras with food court
PHASE IIExisting/Original Theme
– Cycle Centre and Lift (Secure Bike Storage)
– 2 updated images
– Tower office
360° VR:
– Kingsway office without furniture
– Tower office without furniture
– Kingsway entrance lobby
– Tower entrance – lift
– Kingsway office
– Tower office
– Clubhouse
Animation – 90 seconds:
– Aerial Footage Over Building Courtyard and Down to Arrival
– Lobby, Lift, Double Height Space, Typical Floor and Terrace
– Lobby, Lift or Bridge Link; Typical Floor and “Clubhouse”
– Cycle Centre (New Area)
– Event Space